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A collage of several Czepeku maps
Floating Village Map - 72d58d0b7705d2a1bcde8d671ecb1d24

Floating Village Map

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Explore docks and floating piers surrounded by charming thatched huts and bobbing boats on clear blue waters. Marvel at the colossal skeleton of a giant spined fish, adorning the largest building in this aquatic haven. With various atmospheric variations, including bioluminescent glows, submerged crash sites, and serene marinas, this map pack offers a rich tapestry of settings to immerse your adventures in. Whether your story takes place on a peaceful beach or amidst a tempestuous storm, the Floating Village maps provide the perfect backdrop for your nautical tales.

The Floating Village map pack contains 26 files.

Map size 34 × 46
Setting Nautical Exterior
Variations Beach, Bioluminescent, Blood Docks, Crash Site, Deep Water, Desert, Drawbridge Up, Fish Market Day, Fish Market Night, Flooded, Fog, Frozen Waters, Manta Swarm, Marina Entrance, Oil Town, Original Day, Original Night Dark, Original Night Torches, Original No Skeleton, Rain, Sharks, Sky Harbour, Sky Village, Storm, Swamp, Tempest
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