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Floating Market Map

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Give your players a day to shop. Or have them search out a merchant at the Floating Market. This map depicts a tranquil canal flowing through a city. The canal is bustling with boats and merchants. A bridge spans the waterway, with city houses lining the canal's edges. With variations like Ghost Night, Drought, or Winter Night, your players can experience different urban scenarios. Will they investigate the eerie events during the Dancing Lotus Festival? This map pack provides everything from a rainy day at the market to an eerie ghost-filled night.

The Floating Market map pack contains 17 files.

Map size 31 × 43
Setting Urban Exterior
Variations Blood River, Broken Bridge, Broken Bridge No Boats, Dancing Lotus Festival, Drought, Fireflies, Ghost Night, Massacre, Misty, No Boats Day, No Boats Night, Original Day, Original Night, Rain, Silent Night, Winter Day, Winter Night
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