A collage of several Czepeku maps
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Floating Castle Map

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Powered by steam and dragon fire, this castle spans 7 floors, complete with library, furnace room, throne room, machine room, servants quarters, rooftop, and even a cannon room! Are the players guests? Or interlopers? Are they trying to convince the dragon to stop powering the boilers? And is the dragon there willingly? Are the various rooms unlocked? Or will the players need to steal keys from the guards or servants? What kind of trouble can the party get into when they are flying in a steam-powered castle, high above the earth?

The Floating Castle map pack contains 16 files.

Map size 24 × 25
Setting Castle Interior / Sky
Variations Cannon Room Day, Cannon Room Night, Dragon Room Day, Dragon Room Night, Kings Room Day, Kings Room Night, Throne Room Day, Throne Room Night, Machine Room Day, Machine Room Night, Original Servants Quarters Day, Original Servants Quarters Night, Rooftop Day, Rooftop Night, Servants Quarters Day, Servants Quarters Night
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