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Fey Village Map

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Magic, mystery, and mischief can be found in this fey village. Anything can happen on this map which depicts a huge, beautifully tiered tree trunk with stairs and a bridge. Has your party has knowingly sought out the fey or have they accidentally stumbled onto a new plane? Will they meet royalty in the throne room? Or has death come to this village? Take your party deep into the mysterious fey lands and use the variations to respond quickly to any chaos your party (or the fey) might create.

The Fey Village map pack contains 12 files.

Map size 23 × 28
Setting Fey Exterior
Variations Dark Fey, Day Gate, Day Throne, Moon Pond, Moonlight Fey, Night Gate Fey, Original Fey, Sunset Fey, Swamp Fey, Three Gate Fey, Unicorn Day, Unicorn Dead Fey
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