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Fey Tavern Map

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In true Czepeku fashion, this map is beautiful, detailed, and a perfect location for your adventures. This fey tavern is easily imagined as being within a tree hollow for tiny folks or those shrunk down by magic. Or perhaps your adventurers have stepped into the feywilds where a regular sized tavern is patronized by with massive bugs and decorated with gorgeous flowers. Use the Council Room variant if you don't need a tavern. Or the massacre variant to get your players involved in a mystery. With 22 variants to chose from, you won't have to look hard to find the perfect map for your campaign.

The Fey Tavern map pack contains 22 files

Map size 29 × 58
Setting Urban Interior
Variations After Party, Autumn, Birch Faction, Blood Moth, Council Room Day, Council Room Night, Dark, Death Head, Deep Grove, Empty Day, Empty Night, Fireflies, Luna Day, Luna Night, Massacre, Moody, No Bugs Day, No Bugs Night, Original Day, Original Night, Spring, Winter
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