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Experimental Surgery Theater Map

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Walk the hallowed halls of a grand urban institution where knowledge and mystery collide. Explore multiple stories of classrooms, libraries, and surgical theaters, each tiered seat holding the weight of countless aspirations. Players can investigate the strange experiments that may have been conducted or study the science these brilliant minds work hard to share.

The Experimental Surgery Theater map pack contains 30 files.

Map size 29 × 58
Setting Urban Interior
Variations Floor 0 Natural, Floor 0 Original, Floor 1 No Elevator Day, Floor 1 No Elevator Night, Floor 1 No Elevator Night Class, Floor 1 Original Day, Floor 1 Original Night, Floor 1 Original Night Class, Floor 2 Abandoned, Floor 2 Blackboard Day, Floor 2 Blackboard Dragon Head Study, Floor 2 Blackboard Dragon Tail, Floor 2 Blackboard Empty, Floor 2 Blackboard Empty Stage, Floor 2 Blackboard Experiment, Floor 2 Blackboard Giants Hand Study, Floor 2 Blackboard Mantis Study, Floor 2 Blackboard Mimic Study, Floor 2 Blackboard Morning Class, Floor 2 Blackboard Night Class, Floor 2 Blackboard Sand Surfer Study, Floor 2 Blackboard Silent Night, Floor 2 Blackboard Slime Study, Floor 2 Empty Stage, Floor 2 Magic Chalkboard, Floor 2 Magic Glass, Floor 2 No Body, Floor 2 Original Day, Floor 2 Original Night Class, Floor 2 Original Silent Night
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