A collage of several Czepeku maps
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The Epidemestus Corrupted Fighter map pack showcases a visually stunning corrupted fighter ship, where an alien lifeform has melded with the mechanical structure. This mechanical-biological hybrid introduces a fascinating element to your campaign, allowing players to either confront a formidable foe or ally themselves with this powerful entity. Will your party attempt to tame and control the corrupted ship, or will they unravel the mystery of its origin and purpose? With an extensive array of variations, from corrupted interiors to exterior alerts and breaches, this pack offers an immersive experience in the depths of space.

The Epidemestus map pack contains 78 files

Map size 24 × 38
Theme/Type Military/Alien/Fighter
Variations Alert Exterior, Alert Exterior Corrupted, Alert Interior, Alert Interior Corrupted, Breach Exterior, Breach Exterior Corrupted, Breach Interior, Breach Interior Corrupted, Brown Exterior, Brown Exterior Corrupted, Brown Interior, Brown Interior Corrupted, Camo Blue Exterior, Camo Blue Exterior Corrupted, Camo Blue Interior, Camo Blue Interior Corrupted, Camo Red Exterior, Camo Red Exterior Corrupted, Camo Red Interior, Camo Red Interior Corrupted, Green Exterior, Green Exterior Corrupted, Green Interior, Green Interior Corrupted, Massacre Interior, Massacre Interior Corrupted, Military Exterior, Military Exterior Corrupted, Military Interior, Military Interior Corrupted, No Power Exterior, No Power Exterior Corrupted, No Power Interior, No Power Interior Corrupted, Original Exterior, Original Exterior Corrupted, Original Interior, Original Interior Corrupted, Pink Exterior, Pink Exterior Corrupted, Pink Interior, Pink Interior Corrupted, Prime Exterior, Prime Exterior Corrupted, Prime Interior, Prime Interior Corrupted, Purple Exterior, Purple Exterior Corrupted, Purple Interior, Purple Interior Corrupted, Rescue Exterior, Rescue Exterior Corrupted, Rescue Interior, Rescue Interior Corrupted, Stealth Exterior, Stealth Exterior Corrupted, Stealth Interior, Stealth Interior Corrupted, Steel Exterior, Steel Exterior Corrupted, Steel Interior, Steel Interior Corrupted, Supplement - Corruption 1, Supplement - Corruption 2, Supplement – Engine Flame 1, Supplement – Engine Flame 2, Supplement – Engine Flame 3, Supplement – Engine Flame Corrupted 1, Supplement – Engine Flame Corrupted 2, Supplement – Engine Flame Corrupted 3, Viper Exterior, Viper Exterior Corrupted, Viper Interior, Viper Interior Corrupted, Whoops Exterior, Whoops Exterior Corrupted, Whoops Interior, Whoops Interior Corrupted

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