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Elven Magitech Portal Map

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Unlock the secrets of the Elven Magitech Portal. This battlemap shows a mesmerizing nexus where ethereal platforms, intricate technology, and enigmatic portals beckon. Transport your players to realms of arcane wonder, ancient gateways, and the mysteries shrouded within this magitech masterpiece with the gorgeous variations. Transport players to the Underworld, into the sea, into the toxic wastes, or the Shadowrealm.

The Elven Magitech Portal map pack contains 16 files.

Map size 35 × 95
Setting Other Exterior
Variations Astral, Complex, Deactivated, No Portal, No Runes, Original Day, Original Night, Rain, Rainbow, Sands of Time, Sea, Shadowrealm, Toxic Wastes, Underworld, Witchtech, Zone of Dusk
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