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Elven City Centre Map

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Enter the bewitching landscape of the Elven City Centre map pack, where beautiful green roofs, purple flower-shaped decorations, circular stone walkways, and a central golden statue of a deer define this urban exterior setting. Amidst these ethereal surroundings, your players may have to find the elven council. Or you can introduce tricksters, known for their pranks and love of riddles. Players can spend an entire session exploring the houses and walkways. Or they can try to head straight for the beautiful fey building that must house someone (or something) important.

The Elven City Centre map pack contains 14 files.

Map size 36 × 59
Setting Urban Exterior
Variations Autumn, Birch Forest Faction, Deep Grove Faction, Fireflies, Lights Night, Massacre, Moonlight, Original Day, Original Night, Poisoned Waters, Rain, Spring, Sunset, Winter
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