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Eldritch Church Map

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Dark columns surround a room where tentacles shatter a broken floor, and a blood-red altar hints at unspeakable rituals. Amidst the eldritch horrors, a sinister golden portal beckons with its menacing tendrils. In the Angelic realm, celestial influences stir ancient secrets, while in the Astral Gate, players uncover interdimensional mysteries. Introduce cultists or abominations to increase the danger of this already terrifying map. The Bloodbath variation hints at gruesome discoveries, and as Cthulhu Comes, the church reveals the darkest of secrets. What dreadful choices will players be forced to make? What ghostly apparitions haunt the shadows in the Spectral variation? Will your players confront these malevolent forces, decipher cryptic rituals, and survive the eldritch terrors lurking in the shadows, or will they succumb to the madness and malevolence of the eldritch church?

The Eldritch Church map pack contains 24 files.

Map size 26 × 57
Setting Urban Interior
Variations Angelic, Astral, Astral Gate, Bloodbath, Cthulhu Comes, Dark Altar, Deep Sea, Eldritch Chaos, Energy Bridge, Hellgate, Hellgate Blue, In The Void, Misty Portal, Original, Red Womb, Ryleh, Sacrifice, Sinister, Spectral, Stillness, Tesseract, The Doom, The Outsider, YogSothoth
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