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A collage of several Czepeku maps
Elder Brain Spine Mine Map - 3f581814cff86e1f5a3976ae3fd3c01b

Elder Brain Spine Mine Map

Product Information



Mind flayers are mining the spine and ribs of an ancient creature. In this map pack, your players can traverse a subterranean labyrinth and you can bring this nightmarish world to life. Giant bones, glowing pools of liquid, and passages to explore. This map is perfect for dark rituals, the horrors of mind flayer enslavement, and leading your players further into the sprawling, eerie caves beneath.

The Elder Brain Spine Mine map pack contains 12 files.

Map size 57 × 39
Setting Underdark Interior
Variations Dead Brain, Desert, Empty, Glowing Bones, Gore, Green, Lava, Natural, No Bones, Original, Pink, Yellow
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