A collage of several Czepeku maps
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Elder Brain Sacrum Shrine Map - 8237448a2ba900915dee379e316bfc98

Elder Brain Sacrum Shrine Map

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This underdark sanctuary is adorned with bones and bathed in the eerie glow of blue pools. Evoke the sinister presence of mind flayers, psychic horrors, and the eldritch mysteries concealed within this forsaken shrine. The entrance to this dungeon is in the bottom right and the exit to the next area is in the top right. Czepeku created this part of an elder brain dungeon with various areas and focal points for use in rituals and sacrifices.

The Elder Brain Sacrum Shrine map pack contains 12 files.

Map size 39 × 57
Setting Underdark Interior
Variations Dead Brain, Desert, Empty, Glow Bones, Gore, Green, Lava, Natural, No Bones, Original, Pink, Yellow
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