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Dwarven Throne Hall Map

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This map depicts an awe-inspiring underground chamber where molten lava flows beneath ancient bridges and shimmering crystals illuminating the path. Varied metal thrones are highlighted by crystalline light and flanked by giant stone dwarves. Variants like the Crossway and Walkway allow you to lengthen the players' journey to the throne. Delve into dwarven legends, regal intrigues, and the untold mysteries hidden within these subterranean depths.

The Dwarven Throne Hall map pack contains 18 files.

Map size 29 × 46
Setting Other Exterior
Variations Abandoned, Astral Palace, Blood Palace, Blue Fire, Crossway, Depths, Desert Palace, Giants Forge, Infernal, King Slayer, Massacre, Molten, No Bridge, No Golems, Original, Spider Egg, Toxic, Walkway
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