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Dragon's Hoard Map

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Gold and gems everywhere! This map pack leads you deep into a treasure-filled cavern where piles of gold and ruins of a temple speak of untold wealth and ancient dragon lore. An enormous chest sits on an alter, surrounded by temptation. Will your players get out of here alive? Will the dragon return? Is a special thief with a magic ring needed for this particular heist? Gorgeous variations, with and without treasure make this a versatile dragon lair and temple map. In the massacre altar map, a dark ritual may have awakened malevolent forces. Whether you need a giant pit, underwater temple, or mossy lair, your players will have plenty of secrets to unearth.

The Dragon's Hoard map pack contains 21 files.

Map size 29 × 59
Setting Other Interior
Variations Big Pit, Crystal Lair, Flooded, Gold Lair, Ice Temple, Illuminated Ruins, Lava, Massacre, Massacre Altar, Moss Lair, No Gold Day, No Gold Night, Original Day, Original Night, Pit, Rain, Shadowfell, Sunset Lair, Temple Day, Temple Night, Underwater
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