A collage of several Czepeku maps
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Dracolich Lair Map

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Czepeku provide another brilliant lair for your campaign. The eerie Cave Interior with a dark stone entrance, menacing dragon heads, scattered bones, and a nightmarish mosaic on the floor hints at the danger lurking within. Uncover the hidden secrets of twenty-six chilling variations, ranging from the ancient and sinister ambiance of the Blood Temple to the futuristic landscapes of Cyber Simulation and the horrors of the Infernal chamber. Whether your party faces a Flash Freeze or a Malicious Sandstorm, these maps promise a treacherous journey through a domain of darkness, making each step a perilous encounter with the undead and draconic terrors that await.

The Dracolich Lair map pack contains 26 files.

Map size 35 × 84
Setting Cave Interior
Variations Ancient, Blood Mere, Blood Temple, Comic, Cyber Simulation, Desert, Dramatic Rain, Dunes, El Dorado, Flash Freeze, Flooded, Ice Temple, Infernal, Lava, Malicious Sandstorm, Massacre Temple, Original Day, Original Night, Rain, Sandstorm, Sealed Entrance, Serene Lagoon, Sunset, Tar Pits, Watcher, Waterfall
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