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A collage of several Czepeku maps
Djinn Gardens Map - 323cae74353cb66bf20b873ba40907fd

Djinn Gardens Map

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The djinn gardens are a beautiful coastal area with blue rooftops, serene gardens, and a tranquil bridge intersecting with the boundless ocean. Seasonal and weather variants make this an easy location to return to throughout a campaign. Czepeku have captured perfect details from sun-dappled days to moonlit nights to terrifying lava, toxic waste, and a blood-filled ocean. Who or what will your players find within the beautiful buildings of the djinn gardens? And what properties do the water and plants carry?

The Djinn Gardens map pack contains 31 files.

Map size 33 × 53
Setting Coastal Exterior
Variations Autumn Day, Autumn Night, Blood Trail, Blood Water, Collapsed Bridge Day, Collapsed Bridge Night, Collapsed Bridge NoGate Day, Collapsed Bridge NoGate Night, Fog Day, Fog Night, Lava, Moonlight, No Gate Day, No Gate Night, Original Day, Original Night, Original Sunset, Overgrown Day, Overgrown Floral, Overgrown Night, Overgrown Night Fireflies, Overgrown Yellow Green, Rain, Shadowlands, Spring Day, Spring Night, Toxic, Winter Frozen Day, Winter Frozen Night, Winter Unfrozen Day, Winter Unfrozen Night
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