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Desert Ruins Map

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What's not to love about another gorgeous desert location from Czepeku? The arid landscape leads to an oasis with blue waters, ruined buildings, orange cliffs, stairs, and broken columns. Have fun with the tempura variant. Or give your players a mystery and a sense of impending doom with the broken chains variant. You have everything you need to create an immersive desert location. Will they uncover the mysteries of the Fey Oasis or face the perils of Leviathan Grave? Whether it's a moonlit night by the oasis or a sandstorm engulfing the ruins, your players will have plenty to explore... though maybe not enough time to decide whether this truly is a welcome oasis in the desert.

The Desert Ruins map pack contains 22 files.

Map size 36 × 50
Setting Ruins Exterior
Variations Barren, Broken Chains, Dragon Fire, Dry, Fey Oasis, Flooded High, Flooded Low, Flooded Medium, Goblin Camp, Goblin Camp Night, Leviathan Grave, Leviathan Grave Night, Moonlight, No Camp, No Ruins, Original Day, Original Night Dark, Original Night Fire, Reality Tear, Sacrificial Pool, Sandstorm, Waterfall
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