A collage of several Czepeku maps
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Desert Caravanserai Map - 20930e74199021ad3df051d6c8a40440

Desert Caravanserai Map

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Czepeku offer another gorgeous desert map for your campaign. The Desert Caravanserai map pack immerses you in an urban desert oasis, where the bustling market and colorful flags offer a stark contrast to the arid landscape. Fortifications stand against the elements as well as threats unseen, and the golden scorpion statues silently watch over it all. Seek intrigue and danger in variations like 'Toxic River,' where the waters may conceal deadly secrets, or 'Lotus Bazaar Night,' where the water's tranquility may mask lurking adversaries.

The Desert Caravanserai map pack contains 20 files.

Map size 46 × 68
Setting Urban Exterior
Variations Abandoned Day, Abandoned Night, Barricade Day, Barricade Night, Hill Castle, Lotus Bazaar Day, Lotus Bazaar Night, Massacre, No Market Day, No Market Night, Original Day, Original Night, Original Night Torches, Outpost Day, Outpost Night, Red Fort, River, Sandstorm, Silent Night, Toxic River
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