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Desert Canyon Map

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You can never have enough desert landscapes. This one features a desolate canyon with many for the desert floor. Variations include everything from a meteor impact site to the eerie beauty of a tar lake. Catch a train, thwart an ambush by desert bandits, or dive into a deep mystical coral throne room. Will your players unearth the truth behind the disappearing trains at the railway station or unveil a nefarious plot to control valuable resources? Lightning rail options make a perfect juxtaposition between the arid landscape and advanced machinery.

The Desert Canyon map pack contains 34 files.

Map size 47 × 57
Setting Desert Exterior
Variations Ambush, Beach, Beneath The Waves, Blood Trail, Blown Up Track Day, Bridge, Camp Day, Camp Night, Coal Station Day, Coal Station Night, Empty Day, Empty Night, Impact Star, Lake, Lighting Rail Coal Mine Day, Lighting Rail Coal Mine Night, Lighting Rail Station Day, Lighting Rail Station Night, Lighting Rail Day, Lighting Rail Night, Mausoleum Day, Mausoleum Night, Meteor, Rain Desert, Rain Mine, Rain Station, Rain Track, Sulphur Lake, Tar Lake, Train Station Day, Train Station Night, Train Track Day, Train Track Night, Vortex
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