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Depths of the Festerwood Map

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Depending on who you are, deep forests can see peaceful and calm, or they can be dark and scary. With towering trees, mushrooms that glow in the dark, and no clear paths, you have the perfect settings for a trip to the Feywilds or an unplanned detour through dangerous lands. This is the map for you if you're planning on facing off against Shambling Mounds and rabid Myconids! Use the gorgeous variants that include a glowing blue river, a suspiciously convenient campfire, and blue spores on a frozen day. Whether serene or dangerous, this forest map is a must-have in your inventory.

The Depths of the Festerwood map pack contains 12 files.

Map size 25 × 45
Setting Forest Exterior
Variations Autumn, Campfire Day, Campfire Night, Elder Blue River, Fae Night, Meadows Day, Meadows Night, Original Day, Original Night, Rain, Swamp, Winter
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