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A collage of several Czepeku maps
Deep Sea Temple Map - 612491defb8c34588198e134c458e51f

Deep Sea Temple Map

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Plunge into the depths of the Deep Sea Temple map pack, offering 26 varied files that showcase underwater chambers, mysterious temples, and coral-filled expanses. Traverse the enigmatic Deep Sea Hatching Chamber and discover hidden paths within the aquatic labyrinth. Choose from atmospheric variations like "Arcane" or "Void Maw" to craft an immersive underwater adventure that challenges your players' resolve and ingenuity.

The Deep Sea Temple map pack contains 26 files.

Map size * × *
Setting Nautical Interior
Variations Arcane, Astral, BlankRoom, Chamber Heat, Corrupt Ice, Crab, Deactivated, Deep Spring, Desert Lair, Dragon Egg, Empty, Eye, Fey Chamber, Hell Gaze, Ice Chamber, Maw, Maw No Statues, Moon Child, No Statue, Original, Shadow Hole, Sharks, Void Maw, Whirlpool, Deep Sea Temple Temple Hidden Path, Deep Sea Temple Temple Original
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