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A collage of several Czepeku maps
Deep Sea Organ Map - 2cc2d3fae9be784b3d42d89aac8a7267

Deep Sea Organ Map

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Dive into the enigmatic depths of the Deep Sea Organ, an ethereal Nautical Exterior featuring a captivating undersea organ, vibrant coral formations, and mysterious vents that might lead to hidden realms. The distinctive variations give any underwater adventure plenty to choose from! Enjoy the beautiful glow of Bioluminescent surroundings or the stark contrast of Bleached coral. Delve into the secrets of the Elder Brain, face the enigmatic Kuo-Toa Temple in both daylight and nightfall, or navigate through the ominous entrance of the abyss. Whether you seek the tranquility of Quiet Throne or the thrill of Throne Sharks, these maps offer a captivating underwater world teeming with surprises and challenges for your adventurers.

The Deep Sea Organ map pack contains 24 files.

Map size 27 × 47
Setting Nautical Exterior
Variations Original Day, Original Night, Bioluminescent, Bleached, Blood Vents, Coast, Core Heat, Descent, Drying Ocean, Elder Brain, Elder Brain Night, Funky Vents, Kuo-Toa Temple Day, Kuo-Toa Temple Night, Natural, No Smoke, Ominous Entrance, Quiet Throne, Sulfur Sea, The Most Worshipful Cult Of Elder Crabs, Thermal Lord, Throne, Throne Sharks, Water Portal
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