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Deep City Sewers

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 Descend into the depths of the Deep City Sewer, a labyrinthine network of pipes, walkways, and waste water where secrets swirl in the shadows. Whether it's a covert smuggling route, a concealed hideout, or the lurking lair of a colossal monster, these subterranean passages hold mysteries waiting to be uncovered. Rumors speak of an unlikely community dwelling within, a group of turtles led by a rat possessing ninja-like prowess. Are they allies, adversaries, or mere urban legends? Use the variants to show the sewers with and without water. Or explore what happens when the heating no longer works and the entire pipe system is frozen. Whether it's a genetically modified snapping turtle or merely a hermit that possesses knowledge your players seek, this map can bring any bustling planetary city to life.

The Deep City Sewers map pack contains 24 files

Map size 32 × 59
Theme/Type Base/Urban
Variations Abyss, Alarm, Blood Processing Plant, Bridge Day, Bridge Night, Clean, Dark, Drain Pipe, Fan On, Frozen, Gas Day, Gas Night, Leaky Pipes, Massacre, No Props Day, No Props Night, No Water Day, No Water Night, Original Day, Original Night, Rusty, Shutdown, Smog, Yellow
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