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A collage of several Czepeku maps
Dead Angel Reef Map - 898f109771e6a2dcb9610e638a259331

Dead Angel Reef Map

Product Information



Once again displaying their knack for original, gorgeous, and detailed maps, the Dead Angel Reef map pack plunges you into the depths of an enigmatic celestial graveyard, where the bones of a giant angel lie amid vibrant coral. Whether your players stumble upon this incredible scene or have been sent to find it, they will be in awe of the awe-inspiring beauty of this map. The variants provide an options both with and without the angelic body. Discover mysteries in variations like 'Chroma Calamity,' where celestial secrets may hold the key to your journey, or 'Radiant Waters,' where ethereal lights may reveal ancient truths.

The Dead Angel Reef map pack contains 33 files.

Map size 29 × 57
Setting Rural Exterior
Variations Blood Angel, Blood Angel No Angel, Chroma Calamity, Cove Day, Cove Night, Desert Day, Desert Night, Desert No Angel Day, Desert No Angel Night, Fallen Angel, Fog, Giant King Day, Giant King Night, Hightide Day, Hightide Night, Lowtide Day, Lowtide Night, Massacre, No Coral Day, No Coral Night, Original Day, Original Night, Original No Angel Day, Original No Angel Night, Original Rain, Radiant Waters, Sea Cave, Sunset, Underwater, Winter Day, Winter Night, Winter No Angel Day, Winter No Angel Night
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