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Dark Woods Edge Map

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Dark forests are a staple of fairy tales and dangerous adventures. In this map pack, a bright forest path leads intrepid travelers into a foreboding and eerie woods filled with creeping roots, decaying trees, mushrooms, and treacherous paths. Within these shadowed woods, your players might find a hidden sanctuary or their death. Task them with deciphering ancient runes etched into the forest's heart or have them confront the eerie spirits that haunt the woods. This map is perfect for creating an atmospheric and creepy encounter.

The Dark Woods Edge map pack contains 18 files.

Map size 42 × 62
Setting Rural Exterior
Variations Blood Trail, Desert Edge, Destruction Day, Destruction Night, Eggs Day, Eggs Night, Fireflies, Fog, Full Desert, Full Forest, Fungal, Glow Night, Namib, Natural, Original Day, Original Night, Rain, Winter
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