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Cyberpunk Club

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Step into the neon-lit realm of the Cyberpunk Club, a pulsating hub of futuristic beats and clandestine dealings. Are you gearing up for a night of revelry, holding tickets to witness a universally (literally!) acclaimed DJ, or looking to fence some forbidden items? Perhaps your mission involves uncovering a shadowy figure peddling illicit cybernetic modifications in the club's dimly lit back rooms. Or maybe, you're just here to soak in the electric ambiance and lose yourself in the mad beats of the cyberpunk scene. Designed to seamlessly integrate with Czepeku's other Cyberpunk maps, the Cyberpunk Club offers a dynamic backdrop for your cybernetic adventures. So, dive into the vibrant atmosphere, let the futuristic rhythms guide your movements, and immerse yourself in the thrilling energy of the Cyberpunk Club. The night is young, and the possibilities are endless. Get up, dance, and let the cyberpunk saga unfold!

The Cyberpunk Club map pack contains 21 files

Map size 28 × 44
Setting Base/Entertainment
Variations Alien Party Crasher, Aqua, Dark, Disco, Empty Day, Empty night, Empty Stage, Encore, Finale, Fog Machine, Goth, Iridescent, Massacre, Open Floor Day, Open Floor Night, Original Day, Original Night, Space Bar, Space Bar Dark, Space Bar Pirates, Space Concert
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