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A collage of several Czepeku maps
Cyberpunk Bridge - a12b120eb90ad5b4d1ad283475056e98

Cyberpunk Bridge

Product Information



Traverse the Cyberpunk Bridge, a thrilling backdrop for intense combat encounters and daring ambushes. The neon-drenched world of the bridge conceals secrets and opportunities for intrigue. Unleash your creativity and adapt the map using an asset pack to create roadblocks, add rafts to the canal, and scatter police cruisers through the streets. Explore brilliant variants of this vivid world, including Roadblock, Smog, and Original Broken Bridge.

The Cyberpunk Bridge map pack contains 17 variations.

Map size 39 × 60
Theme/Type Military/Base
Variations Clean, Lockdown, Massacre, Massacre Rain, Original, Original Broken Bridge, Original Broken Bridge Rain, Original Rain, Pleasant, Pleasant Broken Bridge, Pleasant Massacre, Roadblock, Roadblock Broken Bridge, Roadblock Broken Bridge Rain, Roadblock Rain, Smog, Toxic
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