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Cryo Prison

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Descend into the depths of the Cryogenic Prison, where the most dangerous criminals slumber in cryo sleep. This chilling facility presents itself as the ideal setting for your spacefaring tales. What mysteries lie in the enhanced chamber at the top? Is it a creature of nightmare or a cosmic enigma? Explore the possibilities as you weave a narrative of intergalactic travel and high-stakes imprisonment. Add to the time pressure with the Defrosting variant or explore the Pod Malfunction variant to discover what happened here. Are your players planning a daring prison breakout? Or do they need information from a prisoner? The 21 variants provide options for every type of campaign!

The Cryo Prison map pack contains 21 variations.

Map size 32 × 53
Theme/Type Military/Prison
Variations Activated, Alert, Breach, Deep Freeze Day, Deep Freeze Night, Defrosting, Golden, Iridescent, Massacre, No Cryo Day, No Cryo Night, No Power, One Way Out Day, One Way Out Night, Original Day, Original Night, Pod Malfunction, Sleeping Soldiers, Solitary, VR Chamber Day, VR Chamber Night
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