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Court of Justice Map

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Enter the hallowed halls of the Court of Justice, a grand urban chamber adorned with ornate columns, towering windows, and tables laden with legal paperwork. A dais holds space for nine judges. Have your players' misdeeds finally caught up to them? Have they been called to testify on a case? Including variations like "Ballroom" and "Viva La Revolution," weave narratives of legal proceedings, enigmatic airship trials, and trials conducted in realms beyond mortal understanding.

The Court of Justice map pack contains 26 files.

Map size 29 × 59
Setting Urban Interior
Variations Abandoned, Airship, Ballroom, Ballroom No Fire, Blue, Crab Court, Day No Fire, Day No Lightstream, Deep Sea, Green, Hell, Night Moonlight, Night No Fire, No Papers, Open Court, Original Day, Original Night, Purple, Reluctant Trial, Shadow Realm, Sky Court, Spotlight, Trap Door, Vandalism, Viva La Revolution, Wizard Court
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