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Corp Tower

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The Corp Tower map pack plunges you into a dark, cyberpunk future dominated by corporate skyscrapers stretching as far as the eye can see. This battlemap provides a unique city perspective, utilizing a top-down style at the bottom and a fish-eye lens view at the top, allowing players to grasp the towering heights of the city skyline. As your party infiltrates the towering structure, they may stumble upon a corporate conspiracy, or perhaps they'll need to execute a daring rescue mission for a kidnapped executive. With access points for potential quick escapes and variations capturing different atmospheres, from a citywide blackout to a rainy night, this map is perfect for exploring the gritty streets of a futuristic metropolis.

The Corp Tower map pack contains 20 files

Map size 33 x 59
Theme/Type Civilian/Urban
Variations Alarm, Atmosphere, Blackout, Citywide Blackout, Cloudy Day, Cloudy Night, Dark, Empty, Fog, Goblin, Haze, Massacre, Noir, Original Day, Original Night, Rain, Space, Sunset, Winter Day, Winter Night
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