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Colossus Port Map

Product Information



The Colossus Port map pack unveils a stone-walled port entrance flanked by colossal statue feet. Explore the vibrant harbor or the desolation of a ghost ship. Battle against an otherworldly assault or investigate the eerie frozen port. Watch the passage of time as the colossus goes from being covered in scaffolding to fully completed and lit as a beacon and lighthouse. Have the players help strategize the attack against the port, or help protect it. Czepeku have provided numerous weather event variations, including a rainy day, a storm, fog, and snow.

The Colossus Port map pack contains 27 files.

Map size 70 × 108
Setting Nautical Exterior
Variations Assault Day, Assault Night, Bioluminescent, Blue Sea Day, Bright Harbour, Colossus Blue Sea Day, Colossus Construction Site Day, Colossus Construction Site Night, Colossus Day, Colossus Night, Empty, Empty Harbour, Fog, Frozen, Ghost Ship, Into The Astral Sea, Massacre, Night No Lights, Original Day, Original Night, Rain, Shipwreck Day, Shipwreck Night, Spill, Statue Rain, Storm, Winter
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