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Colosseum of Challenges Map

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Whether it's trial by fire or a chance to win their freedom, this Colosseum map is packed with options. The perfect setting for gladiatorial combat or a fighting competition, you'll be able to return to this map time and time again. Use the monster pit variation to introduce a terrible creature. Or have your players strategize how to stop a cult's summoning at the center of this combat-soaked arena. Your players can prove they're the best in the land.

The Colosseum of Challenges map pack contains 15 files.

Map size 43 × 28
Setting Urban Exterior
Variations Blue Flame Night, Column Temple Day, Columns Day, Cult Summoning Night, Earth Trial Day, Fire Trial Day, King of the hill Day, Kraken Day, Maelstrom Day, Monster Pit Day, Multiple Water Stages Day, Original Day, Original Night, Water trial Day, Whirlwind Day
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