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City Streets Map

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Need varied rooftops, interesting shops, and creepy basements? This is the map pack for you. With variations for each shop and a plethora of roofs, you'll be able to build out a city easily. Or give your players a quick peek into the shops they're visiting. Includes an Inn (can't have too many of those!), a surgery, a warehouse, a potion shop, and more! Truly perfect for setting the scene and having dozens of options at your fingertips

The City Streets map pack contains 108 files.

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Setting Urban Interior
Variations Eckarts Armour Shop Ground Day, Eckarts Armour Shop Ground Night, Eckarts Armour Shop Ground Rain, Eckarts Armour Shop Ground Snow, Eckarts Armour Shop Roof Day, Eckarts Armour Shop Roof Night, Eckarts Armour Shop Roof Rain, Eckarts Armour Shop Roof Snow, Old Whiskey Warehouse Basement Day, Old Whiskey Warehouse Basement Night, Old Whiskey Warehouse Ground Day, Old Whiskey Warehouse Ground Night, Old Whiskey Warehouse Ground Rain, Old Whiskey Warehouse Ground Snow, Old Whiskey Warehouse Roof Day, Old Whiskey Warehouse Roof Night, Old Whiskey Warehouse Roof Rain, Old Whiskey Warehouse Roof Snow, The Lonely Behir Ground Day, The Lonely Behir Ground Night, The Lonely Behir Ground Rain, The Lonely Behir Ground Snow, The Lonely Behir Roof Day, The Lonely Behir Roof Night, The Lonely Behir Roof Rain, The Lonely Behir Roof Snow, The Lonely Behir Upper Floor Day, The Lonely Behir Upper Floor Night, The Lonely Behir Upper Floor Rain, The Lonely Behir Upper Floor Snow, Planties Swede Shop Ground Day, Planties Swede Shop Ground Night, Planties Swede Shop Ground Rain, Planties Swede Shop Ground Snow, Planties Swede Shop Roof Day, Planties Swede Shop Roof Night, Planties Swede Shop Roof Rain, Planties Swede Shop Roof Snow, The Surgery Basement, The Surgery Ground Day, The Surgery Ground Night, The Surgery Ground Rain, The Surgery Ground Snow, The Surgery Upper Floor Day, The Surgery Upper Floor Night, The Surgery Upper Floor Rain, The Surgery Upper Floor Snow, The Surgery Roof Day, The Surgery Roof Night, The Surgery Roof Rain, The Surgery Roof Snow, Jarvas Taxidermy Parlour Ground Day, Jarvas Taxidermy Parlour Ground Night, Jarvas Taxidermy Parlour Ground Rain, Jarvas Taxidermy Parlour Ground Snow, Jarvas Taxidermy Parlour Roof Day, Jarvas Taxidermy Parlour Roof Night, Jarvas Taxidermy Parlour Roof Rain, Jarvas Taxidermy Parlour Roof Snow, Potion Shop Basement, Potion Shop Ground Day, Potion Shop Ground Night, Potion Shop Ground Rain, Potion Shop Ground Snow, Potion Shop Roof Day, Potion Shop Roof Night, Potion Shop Roof Rain, Potion Shop Roof Snow, Venerable Swordsman Ground Day, Venerable Swordsman Ground Night, Venerable Swordsman Ground Rain, Venerable Swordsman Ground Snow, Venerable Swordsman Roof Day, Venerable Swordsman Roof Night, Venerable Swordsman Roof Rain, Venerable Swordsman Roof Snow, Shrikes Apothecary Ground Day, Shrikes Apothecary Ground Night, Shrikes Apothecary Ground Rain, Shrikes Apothecary Ground Snow, Shrikes Apothecary Roof Day, Shrikes Apothecary Roof Night, Shrikes Apothecary Roof Rain, Shrikes Apothecary Roof Snow, The Succubus Ground Day, The Succubus Ground Night, The Succubus Ground Rain, The Succubus Ground Snow, The Succubus Roof Day, The Succubus Roof Night, The Succubus Roof Rain, The Succubus Roof Snow, Blacksmith Ground Day, Blacksmith Ground Night, Blacksmith Ground Rain, Blacksmith Ground Snow, Blacksmith Roof Day, Blacksmith Roof Night, Blacksmith Roof Rain, Blacksmith Roof Snow, Guard Station Ground Day, Guard Station Ground Night, Guard Station Ground Rain, Guard Station Ground Snow, Guard Station Roof Day, Guard Station Roof Night, Guard Station Roof Rain, Guard Station Roof Snow
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