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A collage of several Czepeku maps
City Marketplace Map - fa209845285528f20fb9f036900bcccf

City Marketplace Map

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Who doesn't love a trip to the local marketplace? Is your party looking for something specific? Or have they arrived just in time for a festival? Various daytime and nighttime maps give you and your party so many choices! Make use of the bonfire or circus variants to create an atmosphere of celebration. Use the cultist variant to build suspense and fear. Perhaps the party must save someone from the gallows. Or they are participating in the fighting competition. Trips into the city can be as exciting as trips into a dungeon. Use the 18 variations of this map individually, or to show the passage of time when players return to the city.

The City Marketplace map pack contains 18 files.

Map size 23 × 36
Setting Urban Exterior
Variations Bonfire Day, Bonfire Night, CatShark Haul Day, CatShark Haul Night, Circus Day, Circus Night, Cultist Spell Night, Fighting Stage Day, Fighting Stage Night, Gallows Day, Gallows Night, Ghost Ship Night, Original Empty Day, Original Empty Night, Original Day, Original Night, Rain Day, Snowy Midnight Night
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