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Chthonic Lighthouse Map

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This cliff exterior setting exudes an aura of underwordly mystique, with its imposing lighthouse perched upon the shore. Take heed of the treacherous stone path that winds beneath the churning waters and avoid the dangers it conceals. Whether you choose "Storm" or "Bioluminescent Fungi," these variations will infuse your campaign with an otherworldly ambiance that lures adventurers into the heart of mystery and peril.

The Chthonic Lighthouse map pack contains 26 files.

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Setting Cliff Exterior
Variations Activated, Astral, Bioluminescent Fungi, Blind Wyrm, Blood Rapture, Broken Bridge, Desert, Erasing Fog, Fog, FungiInfestation, Interior Floor01, Interior Floor02, Interior Floor03, Lava, Lights Off, No Boats, No Bridge, Original, Overground, Pridehouse, Rain, Shadowlands, Spell Cage, Storm, Toxic, Winter
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