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Celestial Realm Map - 62da02a668976e66d6f35b5f0c589756

Celestial Realm Map

Product Information



This map pack beckons adventurers to explore a celestial wonderland, featuring giant, golden, cloud-wrapped swords towering above puffy cumulus clouds. Ethereal steps lead through the sky, leading from a breathtaking view of a beautiful rainbow abyss. Take advantage of the gorgeous variations in this ever-changing realm. Introduce players to a many-headed celestial guardian. Or give them glimpse of a supernova. How did they get here? Did they climb the beanstalks or come through a portal? Are they here to thwart a dark prophecy, find answers, or merely explore this wondrous location?

The Celestial Realm map pack contains 20 files.

Map size 32 × 45
Setting Celestial Exterior
Variations Above Hell, Altar, Beanstalk, Cloud Field, Cloud Island, Cloud Platform, Cloud Stepping Stones, Guardian, Night, Original, Portal, Rain Clouds, Sacred Geometry, Star Guardian, Star Guardian Fury, Storm, Sunrise, Supernova, Twin Planets, Warp
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