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Celestial Gate Map

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This map pack truly showcases Czepeku's imagination and skill. Beautifully crafted arches adorn a celestial exterior. A central round dais, pools of magic, and glowing runes and symbols create an otherworldly ambiance. With variations like Sword Coloured Portal, Warp, or Neon, your players can venture into different celestial realms or attempt to communicate with any number of creatures. Will they unlock the mysteries of the True Gate or confront the horrors of the Void? Whether it's a serene day under the celestial arches or a tumultuous journey through portals, this map pack gives you many options for your adventure.

The Celestial Gate map pack contains 26 files.

Map size 34 × 51
Setting Celestial Exterior
Variations Astral, Astral Well Day, Astral Well Night, Autumn, Constellation, Original Day, Original Night, Projection, Rain, Sacrificial Altar, Spring, Summer, Sword Coloured Portal, Sword Day, Sword Night, Sword Open Portal, True Gate, Void, Warp, Winter, Desert, Desert Activated, Neon, Hell, Frozen, Flooded
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