A collage of several Czepeku maps
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Cavern of the Venom Queen Map - a4268b7ea67615fd60ec9b3fe8fec66c

Cavern of the Venom Queen Map

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You can never have enough dungeon maps! And this beautifully detailed map is perfect for a trip underground! The shudder factor is high with this one. The original map is filled with spider webs, eggs, and a scary purple glow. Use the variants to lead your party to a cult's ritual, through toxic muck, or to find where an ice giant is hiding. The details really make this dungeon come to life - Connected to a cove with a dock and ships, the further you go into the cavern, the more there is to explore. Storage rooms, bedrooms, and even a crypt are waiting to be found. Whether the party is trudging through a dry desert cavern or tracking a bloodthirsty creature, this is the map for you.

The Cavern of the Venom Queen map pack contains 8 files.

Map size 35 × 50
Setting Cave Interior
Variations Bloody Cave, Cult Cave, Dark Cave, Desert Cave, Frost Cave, Original, Starry Cave, Toxic
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