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Cave Temple Map

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The Cave Temple map pack guides you to a sacred mountain shrine, its cavernous temple housing a stone statue of great reverence. Snow blankets the stone path to this spiritual site. Are your players searching for a wise monk, clues to a mystery, or peace? Use the seasonal and weather variants to perfectly fit the mood of your campaign. Uncover hidden lore in variations like 'Portal,' where a dimensional rift may reveal unexpected realms, or 'Broken Statue,' where the shrine's desecration hints at forgotten transgressions.

The Cave Temple map pack contains 18 files.

Map size 29 × 55
Setting Temple Exterior
Variations Autumn, Blue Fire, Broken Statue, Flooded, Fog, Frozen, Glowing Eyes, Massacre, Natural Cave, No Statue, Original Day, Original Night, Portal, Rain, Silent Night, Spring, Summer, Winter
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