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Caravan Roadblock Map - 752ca0a9d076ffbef1b3e924ebb64a76

Caravan Roadblock Map

Product Information



Confront obstacles and intrigue at this caravan roadblock. Encounter a river, camp, barricade, and mountain pass on your journey. Use variations to bring players into the feywild or across a toxic wasteland. Seasonal variants make this a frequently changeable and reusable map. Shape your narrative, whether it involves ambushes, arcane mysteries, or treacherous terrain.

The Caravan Roadblock map pack contains 26 files.

Map size 18 × 55
Setting Rural Exterior
Variations Ambush, Arcane Explosion Day, Arcane Explosion Night, Autumn, Blood River, Camp Day, Camp No Roadblock, Drought, Fey, Fog, Natural No Roadblock, Natural Rain, Natural Roadblock, No River, No Roadblock Day, No Roadblock Night, No Torrent, Original Day, Original Night, Original Rain, Spring, Summer Camp, TNT Explosion, Toxic, Void, Winter
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