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A collage of several Czepeku maps
Bridge Town Map - a353eb4bb7a269ef3cd18999b48b2602

Bridge Town Map

Product Information



The Bridge Town map pack features a magnificent stone bridge spanning a rushing river, connecting two sides of a bustling city. The seasonal variants showcase the changing seasons, with options for autumnal hues, rainy days, and the beauty of spring. Beware the night, for lurking trolls or mermaids could spell trouble. A murder mystery unfolds as barricades appear overnight, or you can explore the mysteries of a giant roc's nest high above.

The Bridge Town map pack contains 23 files.

Map size 39 × 56
Setting Urban Exterior
Variations Autumn, Barricade Day, Barricade Night, Big Nest Eggs Day, Big Nest Eggs Night, Big Nest Day, Big Nest Night, Bridge Broken Construction Day, Bridge Broken Construction Night, Bridge Broken Day, Bridge Broken Night, Mermaids Day, Mermaids Night, Murderous Troll, No Bridge Day, No Bridge Night, Original Day, Original Night, Original Torch, Rain, Spring, Troll, Winter
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