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A collage of several Czepeku maps
Bone Mill Part 2 - Interior Map - 284b7a1c2f388cf03c9bbccc2c191a08

Bone Mill Part 2 - Interior Map

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Explore the depths of the creepy bone mill. Czepeku have created a map that delve into the dark recesses of an otherworldly lair and industrial machinery. Traverse multiple levels, cavernous chambers, and eerie pools. Choose variations like "Lair - Bioluminescent Blue" or "Interior - Secret Warforged Factory" to guide your players through the haunting mysteries and mechanical horrors that lurk within.

The Bone Mill Part 2 - Interior map pack contains 26 files.

Map size * × *
Setting Other Interior
Variations Lair - Bioluminescent Blue, Lair - Bioluminescent Red, Lair - Blood Pools, Lair - Empty, Lair - Flooded, Lair - Lava, Lair - No Bones, Lair - No Water, Lair - Open, Lair - Original Dark, Lair - Original Day, Lair - Potion Maker, Lair - Spider Infestation, Lair - Toxic Cave, Interior - Abandoned, Interior - Bodysnatchers, Interior - Clean, Interior - Deep Industry, Interior - Moonlight, Interior - No Bones, Interior - Original Day, Interior - Original Night, Interior - Secret Mechanus Entrance, Interior - Secret Warforged Factory, Interior - Spider Infestation, Interior - Void
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