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Bone Mill Exterior Map - f18d281c105e6c5bce05f2380d363fbb

Bone Mill Exterior Map

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This landscape features a river, bridge, and the foreboding bone mill. Will players travel down the river to stop at the dock? Or will they come by road? Choose variations like "Blood River" or "Winter" to set the tone for encounters with the macabre, dark rituals, and mysteries shrouded in bone-chilling ambiance.

The Bone Mill Exterior map pack contains 22 files.

Map size 28 × 39
Setting Rural Exterior
Variations Autumn, Blood River, Bloodlands, Broken Bridge, Dry, Fey, Fireflies, Giant Snail, Haunted, Highway, Massacre, New, No Boat, No Bones, No Bridge, Original Day, Original Night, Rain, Shadowrealm, Spring, Toxic, Winter
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