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Bone Dryad Ossuary Map - 151022b5a949465d560f39dc52b4b63e

Bone Dryad Ossuary Map

Product Information



The Bone Dryad Ossuary map pack invites you into a world of crypts and solemn temples, where bone trees loom overhead, and cryptic rituals have left their mark. The stone floors echo with ancient chants, while the ossuary's silence conceals dark secrets. Delve into variations like 'Onyx Temple,' where the black tree's roots may reveal forgotten legends, or 'Underworld Summon,' where you may unwittingly awaken an ancient and malevolent power.

The Bone Dryad Ossuary map pack contains 19 files.

Map size 31 × 65
Setting Other Interior
Variations Abandoned, Black Tree, Blood Flood, Braziers Off, Fey, Frost, Ghostly, Massacre, No Coffins, No Sap, Onyx Temple, Original Day, Original Night, Shadowrealm, Totem, Toxic Tree, Transfixed, Underwater, Underworld Summon
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