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Blue Dragon Lair Map

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The Blue Dragon Lair map pack conceals myriad secrets within its desert ruins. Broken columns stand as silent sentinels, and falling sand creates an ever-shifting landscape of treacherous sandstone cliffs. Ruins of a desert palace entrance hint at the presence of something big. Will your players risk the sandy lair to claim the treasures inside? Or perhaps they were sent here to find proof of the great dragon that lives within. With variants that include a magically sealed door and a flooded entrance, you can add obstacles for your players. Or let them enjoy the calm hidden lagoon and hope they don't suddenly find a path into the underdark.

The Blue Dragon Lair map pack contains 22 files.

Map size 34 × 62
Setting Desert Exterior
Variations Antlion, Bloody Waters, Blue Dragon, Canyon, Crack, Desert Rain, Eye Of The Desert, Fire Temple, Flooded Temple, Fog, Holy Temple, Ice Temple, Magic Seal, Natural, No Sandfalls, Original Day, Original Night, Prey, Secret Lagoon, Tar Pit, To The Underdark, Waterfall
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