A collage of several Czepeku maps
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Blacksmith Secret Grotto Map - 17541d8403f71231e2658fb18fc23119

Blacksmith Secret Grotto Map

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Unearth the secrets of the Blacksmith Secret Grotto, a multi-level hideaway concealing wonders and magic beneath the bustling village forge. Perfect for any level of mystery you're hoping for - use the beautifully detailed blacksmith forge and quarters as a perfect home. Introduce a magical forge to build intrigue. Or have your players find one of the gorgeous grotto variants where they can contend with flooding, magical ore, or glowing statues.

The Blacksmith Secret Grotto map pack contains 28 files.

Map size * × *
Setting Other Interior
Variations Basement Empty, Basement Original, Ground Floor Forge Off Day, Ground Floor Forge Off Night, Ground Floor Magic Forge Day, Ground Floor Magic Forge Night, Ground Floor Massacre, Ground Floor Original Day, Ground Floor Original Night, Ground Floor Props Off Day, Ground Floor Props Off Night, Secret Grotto Caves, Secret Grotto Dry, Secret Grotto Earthy, Secret Grotto Flooded, Secret Grotto Magic Anvil, Secret Grotto Magic Ore, Secret Grotto Natural, Secret Grotto No Camp, Secret Grotto No Plants, Secret Grotto No Statues, Secret Grotto Original, Secret Grotto Verdant Caves, Upper Floor Massacre, Upper Floor Original Day, Upper Floor Original Night, Upper Floor Props Off Day, Upper Floor Props Off Night
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