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Bio Mech Laboratory

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Unleash the unknown in the Bio Mech Laboratory map pack! A hulking monstrosity awaits, perfect for a BBEG showdown or a daring rescue mission. With variations with and without the bio mech, this laboratory serves as a versatile setting for weird and secret technologies. Dive into the intrigue as your party navigates the mysteries within. Empty, aquatic, and stasis pool variants provide options for all types of adventures. Are your players welcome here? Are they scientists? Is it corporate espionage or a simple visit? Take advantage of this beautifully detailed map by Czepeku to enhance your sci-fi adventure.

The Bio Mech Laboratory map pack contains 32 variations.

Map size 24 × 42
Theme/Type Civilian/Research
Variations Alarm, Aquarium Day, Aquarium Night, Charging, Charging Empty, Empty Day, Empty Night, Failed Test, Freeze, Heratic, Iridescent, Luthor Lab, Luthor Lab Empty, Massacre, Muted, Mysterious Silhouette, No Mech Day, No Mech Night, No Power, Original Day, Original Night, Original No Mech, Powered Up, Stage1, Stage2, Stage3, Stage4, Stasi sPool Day, Stasis Pool Night, Stasis Pool No Mech Day, Stasis Pool No Mech Night, Toxic
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