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Beached Kraken Map

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Czepeku have done it again with this imaginative envisioning of a beached Kraken battlemap. Unique settings include including the eerie Stomach's Depths, where the kraken's innards hold deadly surprises, from trapped ships to forgotten treasures. Blood Tide Day reveals crimson waters teeming with secrets of the creature's victims, while tentacles loom ominously. The stench might be overwhelming, but what better place for scavengers to build docks and walkways? Have your players come to research the mysteries of the kraken or will they become embroiled in a high-stakes battle for control of the beast's magical heart, coveted by mages, pirates, and nefarious cults alike.

The Beached Kraken map pack contains 17 files.

Map size 78 × 23
Setting Beach Exterior
Variations Beach Day, Beach Night, Blood Tide Day, Boats Day, Boats Night, Kraken Day, Kraken Night, Original Day, Rain, Scavenger Docks No Light Night, Scavenger Docks Day, Scavenger Docks Night, Scavenger Docks No Search Lights Night, Sharks Day, Shipwreck Debris Day, Stomach, Stomach Empty
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