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Banshee Moor Map

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Immerse yourself in the hauntingly beautiful landscapes of the Banshee Moor map pack. Wooden walkways traverse a mysterious swamp adorned with a meandering river and an eerie bridge. Witness the ethereal glow of golden fireflies and the enigmatic sight of an overturned carriage amidst the murky waters. With variations like "Haunted" and "Snow," you can set the mood for your adventure and let the Banshee Moor's secrets unfold in your campaign.

The Banshee Moor map pack contains 22 files.

Map size 22 × 40
Setting Rural Exterior
Variations A New Day, Autumn, Blood Moor, Bridge, Erasing Fog, Feywild, Fog, Ghostly, Haunted, Lava, Light, No Bridge, Original Day, Original Night, Original No Carriage, Original No Fireflies, Rain, Shadowlands, Snow, Spring, Summer, Toxic
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