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Astral Plane Map

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In this map, encounter the eerie sight of a floating, dismembered god, its presence shrouded in mystery. Traverse the astral landscapes in various forms, from the chilling depths of Beneath The Ice to the cosmic chaos of Black Hole. Explore the tranquil beauty of Deep Space and the foreboding aura of Demon King. Uncover secrets in Lost Ship and witness the celestial spectacle of Supernova. Whether you seek the Source Of All Life or navigate the mystic spells of Spell Plague, these Astral Plane maps offer a celestial realm filled with mystery and adventure.

The Astral Plane map pack contains 18 files.

Map size 70 × 48
Setting Celestial Exterior
Variations Asteroids, Beneath The Ice, Black Hole, Deep Space, Demon King, End Of Days, Hiking Route, Illustrated God, Lost Ship, Mirror Blade, Ocean, Original Day, Revival, Source Of All Life, Spell Plague, Supernova, Under Sea, Vorpal Blade
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